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Simplicity of use

Simplicity of use


The use, configuration or creation of a session are facilitated by appropriate and ergonomic interfaces with the software included.

At all times, a carrousel of rapid access can, by a simple touch on the touch screen, bring you to the window that you wish to see.
The touch screen is designed to allow you to launch sessions very simply or to accompany you progressively in your increasingly precise request.

You decide, Kinevolution® proposes, you launch…

Don’t worry if you’re not a computer whizkid, if you can make a phone call from a cell phone, you already know how to use our graphics interface designed under the guidelines of our physiotherapists and control of ergo-therapists. Launching of an exercise is done by making a simple choice of a joint or a limb to work on. Kinevolution® has already proposed to you exercise that you can sort in a single operation by choosing the method of work. You have the option of performing isokinetics, eccentric or concentric, with return to passive, concentric or eccentric, exercise: control of effort (simulation of manual resistance with a proportional effort in aided active mode or against resistance), isometric method with series of holding and release. It thus is sufficient to slide the chosen exercise into the session and to launch it. All of this can be done in less than 3 chronometer measured seconds.

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You wish to personalise your exercise

The practitioner can choose to make changes in configurations on pre-recorded exercises (a model exercise or an exercise previously performed).

For example, depending on possible previous sessions, progress in the health care course of activity, the disorder, the patient's age or fatigue, movements to be performed can be configured. Development of an exercise or of a complete programme can be done by configuring strength, displacement, speed, acceleration or deceleration, number of repetitions and break and rest time.

Of course your changes will be automatically recorded in a new model exercise that you can even rename.

One rehabilitation session generally consists of several exercises which can be renewed automatically, modified at any time and in real time during the session. Adaptive, the programme can be configured simply depending on each patient, according to his or her results of a test session or of a previous session.