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Passive Mobilization

Passive Mobilization :

Kinevolution® enables the analytic passive mobilization (also called continuous passive mobilization : CPM) in accordance with all the modes previously realized by the action of a partner or various arthromotors. Located at  a specific interline it enables movement on a given plane, around the amplitude of a theoretical axis and can be reproduced by the motor muscles.

Beyond the analytic passive mobilization, Kinévolution enables, on a single piece of equipment, the realization of global mobilization, including all the regional mobility (circumduction) and the specific mobilizations using the abilities of micro mobilities of certain interlines, or else bringing into play 2 or 3 of the 3 degrees of physiological freedom of one or several articulations.

These movements or mobilizations are interesting for the limbs, the trunk and the spine. They respect each patient’s own physiological amplitude of his/her joints, according to a very simple setting to be programmed by the therapist.

Kinevolution® is the first mobilization device to be used distally and not proximally. This means the patient can be positioned in a few seconds, without having to programme all the settings required by arthromotors (length of the segments, angular amplitudes…), which makes it a piece of equipment particularly adapted to the modern constraints of city clinics and to a multi-functional use in technical centers.