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Today, Kinevolution® makes it possible to perform, in private office practice and with technical installations, a recognised technique whose therapeutic efficacy has been demonstrated (over 3200 publications) but which up until now was reserved for large centres: isokinetics. Kinevolution® now makes it possible for physiotherapists to perform evaluation and rehabilitation sessions with isokinetic exercises for eccentric or concentric workouts in analytical or functional movement, with a device which satisfies constraints for use in office practice and in a technical installation, over time, typing of patient practice and cost.

Isokinetics, a strong current trend

Currently, locomotor physical rehabilitation is increasingly using instrumental methods. Use of a machine as an interface between patient and therapist seeks to do the following at the same time:

    • To enhance the quality and intensity of movement (aided, produced or resisted with repetition).
    • To know the effort actually produced and therefore to enable objective of results and necessary corrections.
    • To free the therapist from tedious tasks so that he can refine his therapeutic strategy.

    Isokinetics is becoming more democratic !

    Our assistance and follow-up of functional rehabilitation equipment, intended for all health care professionals engaged in rehabilitation, is the leading product in functional isokinetics for the patient’s limbs, designed for use in private office practice or in a technical installation.

    We have defined the specifications of need over more than 3 years in hundreds of meetings with over about thirty physiotherapists representing all types of applications:

      • Single practitioner or multiple partners, several assistants, offices or technical installations with salaried physiotherapists,
      • Patient practice, the majority of whom are senior citizens or specialisation in rehabilitation of athletes,
      • Physiotherapists who are reluctant to use computer method working only "by hand" or hyper-technicians,
      • Physiotherapists who are near retirement or those who have just opened a practice in a city or in a rural setting.

      We have invested 6 years of Research and Development with at the key many patented innovations to follow all the indications of our therapists.

      Therefore, today we are able to offer you isokinetics designed for your needs:

        • No adjustment based on patient segmentation, but an effector with a distal effect, which enables you to start an exercise right away simply by positioning a patient opposite to equipment;
        • Programmes and an intuitive and very simple touch screen interface, allowing to start on the machine quickly (a few hours of training accessible to all), enabling use of equipment by all physiotherapists in office practice or in a technical installation;
        • Rapidity of programming which enables you to perform the longest configurations in less than 40 seconds to launch your session;
        • Interactivity at all times, enabling you to modify an exercise in real time without having to repeat the entire programme;
        • Very prompt, practical use for your patients, who effortlessly use visual feedback that is entirely comprehensible from the screen and appreciate being able to make their evaluations and their rehabilitation on the same equipment;
        • Reduced size of the equipment;
        • A cost that optimises your investment;
        • An unequalled rate of utilisation;
        • Etc...

        Measurement of muscle strength inherent in isokinetics enables you to both evaluate the needs and effects of the rehabilitation, to quantify possible treatment failures and, more precisely, to establish a training plan for your patients. Its objective and precise results can be sent to the prescribing doctor, to the health insurance provider or can be used as a communications tool between the physiotherapist and the patient.

        Physiotherapists, you can access the ability to make dynamic measurements by positioning a muscle deficit in a unit, pain in a joint, etc.

        You can make comparisons between a healthy limb/and a diseased limb, or longitudinal follow-up and even cross-sectional follow-up of your patients with the same disorder and the same physiological characteristics.

        A simple analytical exercise of eccentric/eccentric isokinetics enables you to determine agonist/antagonist ratios (assessment, prevention, etc.).
        A concentric/eccentric exercise enables you to measure the C/E ratio of a given muscle group.
        An eccentric/passive mobilisation exercise enables you to train a muscle (inhibiting effect for athletes, reduction of risk in traumatology, etc.).
        With its multiple, very precise, innovative sensors, the apparatus enables expression and configuration of different physical dimensions of movement according to time of exercise, speed, acceleration, force, displacement, number of repetitions, rest time, etc.

        The Kinevolution® innovation: Working in 3D

        Kinevolution® is the first equipment which allows you to perform overall workouts of muscle and joint units in 3D, and no longer in a single plane (international patents).

        Kinevolution® offers an infinite number of movements determined by the physiotherapist. He sets the work space by means of positioning of mechanical blocks in order to approximate as much as possible motor and biomechanical reality in daily practice or of athletic actions, while complying with steps and times of progression of rehabilitation imposed by each pathological situation.

        Giving a new dimension…

        The most recent scientific studies increasingly mention the utility of isokinetics in functional situations.

        Only the Kinevolution® 3D isokinetic equipment offers you new therapeutic frontiers, a new paradigm opening up new therapeutic options and new research topics and publications.

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