Produced by physiotherapists...
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The Concept

The Innovation dedicated to physical rehabilitation

In order to improve management of your patients, Kinevolution® is a totally innovative, interactive concept, which opens vast possibilities to therapists in maintenance of joint mobility, recovery of movement, muscle rehabilitation, as well as in prevention and evaluation.

It can be applied to both young as well as older patients, disabled, sedentary or athletes.

It enables both analytical as well as global (muscle units) exercises to be performed with different methods of muscle workout, including isokinetics.

This automated assistant, which is very easy to use and can be readily configured by the therapist, makes it possible to visualise in real time the patient's performances and to record them. Thus, the practitioner also has an evaluable record of precise results, making it possible to follow the patient’s progress, to decide in real time and adjust the programme of health care, and to establish a dialogue in the health care team.

Adapted to private practice, these tools have been developed with Doctors and Physiotherapists for muscle and joint management of patients. They make it possible to develop, in a wide field of therapeutic applications, many strategies for improved autonomy and quality of life of patients.

Kinevolution® is designed to be your partner in daily practice; this is why in addition it is equipped with an interface for practice with a certain number of patient management interfaces, including training and follow-up, provided by the same device from initial diagnosis up to final assessment