Produced by physiotherapists...
for physiotherapists...

New Generation

Kinevolution®, the first trade name of equipment for physical aid and follow-up in functional rehabilitation intended for private office practice, is launching a new generation of rehabilitation devices for the limbs.

This new equipment helps therapists in all evaluative and rehabilitation processes in joint development and muscle strengthening. Our MKDE teams of engineers have developed a new generation of equipment to offer to all patients, i.e. seniors or young people, athletes or sedentary patients with motor disability, all possible means to retrieve lost mobility, and to improve or to maintain what has been acquired in terms of mobility.

Developed by physiotherapists and for physiotherapists ... specific solutions for private practice :

Thanks to the continuing collaboration between our groups of MKDE (physiotherapists), the majority of whom are in private practice, and development teams, our physiotherapy devices benefit from a unique position on the market for physical rehabilitation. Qualified as "all-in-one" because they are multifunctional, they make it possible by themselves to accomplish the different tasks which usually require several types of equipment. Furthermore, they widen the scope of offer of physiotherapists by opening up to them access to new therapeutic procedures.

They enable analytical and functional movements in all methods of training: isokinetic exercise, control of effort with active resistance or active movement against resistance, isometric exercise.

Isokinetics, a method of therapy up until now with limited access, now can be used in private office practice with a product especially designed to meet the limitations of use, time, type of patient and cost.

Choice of movements :

There are almost an infinite number of possibilities for movement. Movements are determined by the physiotherapist by means of positioning mechanical blocks, which limit the angles of freedom of a patellar link to the base of the rehabilitation arm.

The sequence of configuration of a new exercise therefore is as follows:
- Definition of the working space/trajectory of movement by positioning blocks
- Choice of method of working on the touch screen (isokinetics, eccentric, concentric control of effort, etc.)
- Depending on the practitioner’s goals, a possible change in parameters (number of repetitions, break time, strength, speed, angulation, etc.)

Generally, the time to launch an exercise is less than 40 seconds.

Your assistant throughout the health care course of activity... assessment and sessions of rehabilitation :

Kinevolution® innovations provide physiotherapists with exceptional ease of handling and the precision of its new automated assistants. Evaluations with use of exercises selected and configured by the practitioner enable objective assessment of locomotor ability with accuracy and clarity by identifying the different capacities of muscles and joints for movements. The utility is a gain in time and selective work with controlled muscle constraints.
The touch screen interface, developed based on the physiotherapist's indications, intuitively accompanies the therapist in simple and prompt organisation of sessions of rehabilitation and facilitates the conduct of analytical or... functional exercises. The different contextual menus incorporate clear visual guidelines, which are quickly accessible to all users. The physiotherapist then can easily and precisely configure a session which can combine various exercises in a few seconds.

Giving priority to the relationship with your patient :

The desire to enable the therapist to focus 100% of his attention on his relationship with his patient has guided us in development of this second generation product… Positioning of the entirely motorised rehabilitation arm enables the practitioner to remain in visual and oral contact with the patient, beginning from the start of the session, while the equipment is assuming the correct position by itself. Showing the movement to the patient in a single gesture has never been as easy thanks to the new method of demonstration.

Kinevolution® frees the physiotherapist from mechanical constraints of manual resistance. Thus, he can position himself around his patient to correct the latter’s posture, avoid compensatory movement, interfering movement or to verify tension points, which is all enabled by liberating his hands, thanks to the machine! Thus his attention is enhanced to fully stimulate his patient. Here too, the equipment provides new methods by adding visual effects to audition. The touch screen makes it possible to follow the effort performed by the patient in real time and offers the practitioner a new method of education.

Commandeering your new assistant with your fingertips... and your eyes :

The therapist's time is precious. He can now launch an exercise in a few seconds, just by touching the very intuitive touch screen and thus schedule complete sessions in less than 40 seconds... you always have the solution at your fingertips.

A practitioner, even one without computer training, can readily change an exercise curve simply by sliding his finger over it. Furthermore, a therapist who wishes to intervene in depth on parameters of an exercise can create his own models of exercise sessions; he can carry out in-depth longitudinal follow-up, and can display assessments in real time to explain his patient’s progress within a few seconds.

The visual effects help in conceptualising. The therapist can follow and share the patient’s effort exerted via the movements made during each repetition with the patient in real time. Biofeedback also makes it possible for the patient to correct himself in real time, without having to think about it, by cognitive closed-loop control. The physiotherapist can just as easily display his results as very simple histograms after an exercise or at the end of a session to indicate the patient’s progress or the objectives of the health care course of activity.

Take advantage of the good reputation of your office practice :

This equipment for physical aid is unique. You yourself will make it even more unique. By means of the possibilities for personalisation of all components, adjust your  Kinevolution® according to your own taste and the image of your office that you wish to convey to your patients.