Produced by physiotherapists...
for physiotherapists...

The Team

This new product range is the result of a collaborative project comprised of the following :


  • A Scientific Committee with professors who are heads of hospital departments, health care managers and laboratory directors of analysis of movement. Chairman: Dr. Gilles PENINOU (PhD): author of 200 scientific publications, 12 best-selling works.
  • A therapeutic committee with Physical Rehabilitation Doctors and Surgeons.
  • A group of Registered Physiotherapists who have participated in the design and development of the product.


All these people were involved on a voluntary basis and have donated their services and signed a confidentiality agreement. You can be put in contact with them upon simple request.

A few words from the founder :

"In close collaboration with Medical Professors, Doctors who are heads of hospital departments of physical rehabilitation, Specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and private practice Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists; we have developed innovative equipment in the field of health care and fitness. This equipment is designed as an aid for the follow-up of patients and allows us to intervene in the setting of functional rehabilitation of the upper and lower limbs, enabling maintenance of physical fitness, muscle strengthening or functional recovery of a limb.

This equipment assists the therapist in diagnosis and treatment within rehabilitation. This multifunctional concept, which is uniquely innovative in the field of physical rehabilitation, has a wide range of uses in many therapeutic fields thanks to its functional aspects for programming, configuration and its many modes of operation.

Today, I am proud to present the possibilities provided by our innovative products."

"The difficulty lies not in understanding new ideas but in escaping from older ones."