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We are offering you the opportunity to be part of the experience of development of an activity based on client satisfaction, technological innovation and our founding values. Each new collaborator brings with them new possibilities, new experience, and contributes expertise which will be quickly incorporated in our teams.



Therapist profile:

Interested by our projects, you wish to share your ideas and possibly join one of our committees, you are a physiotherapist or a doctor. Please contact us at the following address: contact(at)

Engineers and technician profile:

From a technical standpoint, our products combine electronics, computer science, electro-technique and precision mechanics.

If you wish to make known your desire to join our team for an exciting experience, please send a detailed CV and specific covering letter and requirements to: recrutement(at)

Business staff:

From a business standpoint, marketing and sales, our ambitions are European.

If you are independent agents or distributors and you wish to join our network and thus participate in our marketing development, please send your resume to: commercial(at)