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for physiotherapists...


Kinevolution® was created by the collaborative efforts of engineers and physiotherapists, our driving force being against loss of autonomy by seniors and to improve experience of physical rehabilitation of disabled people and people with special needs requiring a health care course of action. 

The objective is to make this tool available to physiotherapists and massage therapists for assistance and follow-up, which correspond to their current needs.


Objectifs :

Fight loss of autonomy by senior citizens and to improve experience and rehabilitation of disabled people and those with special needs requiring a health care course.
Disseminate certain well-known therapies, such as isokinetic exercises, by making them available to private office practice and technical facilities in centres (ease of use, interactivity of protocols, cost, etc.).
Research and Development of new technologies which will satisfy current expectations of therapists… with technical solutions which are not yet available on the market.
Therefore, the overall objective is to make a tool for assistance and follow-up available to physiotherapists, which corresponds to their actual needs. 

Teams :

    • A Scientific Committee, consisting of professors, heads of departments, health care managers and laboratory researchers in studies of movement
    • A medical committee comprised of doctors (mainly surgeons and MPRs [Specialists in Physical Rehabilitation])
    • An operational team of about twenty physiotherapists who have worked for more than 4 years to better target their needs and expectations.

    All of them agreed to donate their services, which demonstrates the utility of the project.

    • Teams of researchers in electro-mechanics, structural mechanics, materials, and algorithms, have carried out advanced studies to find technological solutions to therapists’ needs.
    • Teams of engineers in electro-mechanics, mechanics, digital devices, real time computer science and computer applications have developed highly innovative solutions, which have been recognised by many awards and have made it possible to register several international patents.

    Research and Development of Kinévolution® solutions required over 6 years study by the top specialists in each field.

    Chronology :

    • 2004: Analysis of the need and development of an innovative concept in the first product range of devices
    • 2005: Marketing studies and studies of the need with many physiotherapists
    • 2006: Collaboration between scientists and industrial leaders: technical feasibility and design. Technical studies and development of the first product equipment range
    • 2009: Presentation of the first products at the World Physical Rehabilitation Symposium in Paris.
    • 2012: Certification of second-generation products as class II medical devices
    • 2013: Launch of the second-generation products

    Today we are still working in that same spirit: we are specialists in technologies dedicated to therapists to offer them innovative solutions at a reasonable cost, making it possible to achieve progress in their profession for the greatest benefit of their patients, whether the latter are senior citizens, young people, sedentary or athletes.

    Do not hesitate to call us in order to contact members of the Scientific Committee or our teams, to ask questions, share your ideas or to join us!

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