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Whatever the level of computer training of the staff working in your technical facility, whatever your patient's profile, whatever your schedule, Kinevolution® will adapt to your needs.

Our equipment enables analytical and functional movement in different modes of work: isokinetic, concentric, eccentric with possible passive return, control of effort in resisted active or active against resistance, isometric.

A product range adapted to your requirements:

  • Kinevolution® is designed to be used by all physiotherapists in the technical setting, with a simple intuitive approach; the equipment fades into the background, and the therapeutic utility comes to the fore. Users will never be lost; just swipe your finger to access your favourite menu by means of a colour code.
  • The collaborative training is simple, short so as not to monopolise the entire team, and adapted with a period of handling of the device for each therapist. Appropriation of the control interface is done quickly and people know how to use it without risk to the equipment after a few hours; but a written detailed training medium can also be provided to those who wish to expand their knowledge.
  • Designed for use in multiple disorders, the equipment can be used in the health care course in orthopaedics, rheumatology, traumatology, neurology, etc.
  • A single piece of equipment makes it possible to perform assessments, rehabilitation, sessions, training... your patients will learn to use the equipment starting with the first practices and will not have to change machine.
  • Kinevolution® offers objective follow-up of the patient's proress, session after session, and you can share these results, they can be printed or transferred, with the medical tam which can follow the progress of the health care course of activity.
  • The health care setting where the reference physiotherapist can readily perform a cross-sectional follow-up to develop good practices in programmes which become reusable and personalised. A module for rapid access to exercises, to programmes and even to preferred sessions makes it possible to launch them from a homepage.
  • The objective measures, the automatically saved record of each exercise performed, makes possible use by multiple practitioners. In case of absence of a certified physiotherapist of a patient, and if you have decided during assignment of passwords protecting access to patient data, any other therapist in the team can access the patient's programme and his results, and ensure the following session in complete continuity of progression of the programme.
  • Polyvalent and therefore very used, the equipment has a method of management of schedules which enables to position patient sessions and to move them by a simple sliding, but also attributing times to practitioners or to research activities.
  • The first isokinetic exercise equipment product with 3-D display and no longer simply in a single plane, Kinévolution® opens up new frontiers in the poles of research up until now limited to 2D but already very prolific (3200 published reports to date). The workout of a joint in 3D, the impact of end of rehabilitation in eccentric functional mode on one disorder or another agonist/antagonist ratios in eccentric mode on an overall unit or variations in ratios between MIR in statics and maximum exercise development dynamics after a training session. New fields of investigation are permitted.
  • The product range intended for centres contains innovations which will surprise you, such as for example the possibility of dissymmetrical and even completely independently change, the gradient of acceleration and deceleration to approach a physiological procedure of launching or of being armed.
  • Studies have demonstrated the high rate of occupational disorders in physiotherapist-massage therapists, and in particular musculo-skeletal disorders. Protect staff in the technical facility by offering them an alternative to manual resistance.
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